Aloha! Honolulu's Digital Magazine Is Here.

Honolulu has it all. This is a world class city, a floating metropolis on the most isolated piece of real estate in the world with a thriving community and some of the most exciting outdoor activities anywhere on earth. We are on a mission to tour Honolulu from the inside out to bring you the best of what this amazing city has to offer. Because the heart of every city beats to the rhythm of it's hidden gems... 


Local Businesses, People, & Locations

From restaurants, shops, and organizations to people, locations, and secret destinations, Honolulu is full of surprises. We've been to incredible natural destinations and eaten at little known restaurants that serve 5 star delicacies. Now, we can put all of our favorites under one roof and you can be a part of it! Nominate your favorite businesses for their chance to win our coveted Honolulu Hidden Gems Award. 


Built To Boost Economic Development

At Pacific Creative Studios, we believe in working together with other talented professionals to create this beautiful project. We have networked with writers, photographers, video producers, social media gurus, and business development experts to create meaningful content and provide our clients with powerful marketing tools.